Long Term Ecohydrological Research Poland
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Institute being in charge of research: Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas 6 Kossutha str 40-844 Katowice http://www.ietu.katowice.pl/
Year of establishment 1991
Contact person: Tomasz Staszewski (e-mail: stasz@ietu.katowice.pl)


Site characteristics in brief


site description: The Brenna monitoring site was established in 1991 and consists of a monitoring station at the elevation of 665 m a.s.l. where the measuring equipment is located, i.e. monitors for continuous measurements of ozone (Environics), Wind Speed Meter (Young) pyranometer (LiCo), a permanent plot in the 120-year-old Norway spruce stand at the elevation of 750 m a.s.l. and three catchments of a different areas: 7.4, 50, and 480 ha (limnigraphs)
ecosystem type under investigation:
  • forest
  • grassland
  • mountains
  • freshwater streams or/and lakes
  • hierarchical level of plots/objects monitored:
  • watershed
  • community
  • species
  • objects investigated by the study
    • water quality, floral characteristics, dry and wet deposition, ozone concentration, health status of trees, soil characteristics
    location - geographic co-ordinates: latitude: 49° 40'' N
    longitude: 18° 56'' E
    location - altitude: 750 (above sea level)


    • The Institute of Dendrology Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik Silesian University Agricultural University of Cracow The Institute of Forest Research Cracow


    Summary of research activities


    hypothesis / problem Response of spruce stands to air pollution and forest management practice in the mountain area which has been influenced by emissions from the industrial complexes of Silesia and the Czech Republic
    aims of studies Response of tree stand to air pollution. The balance of nutrients in a small mountain catchment. Changes in floral characteristics under forest stand reconstruction. Effect of forest management (falling, skidding) on soil (erosion).
    selection of publications resulting from the project
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    Existing data (accessibility: limited access)


    the time span data sets
    1991 - 2012temperature, precipitation, wet and dry deposition of air pollutants, soil characteristics, health status of trees, biodiversity

    Existence and availability of socio-economic data


    administrative level time span kind of data
    Borough Office1990 - 2012demographics, transportation, production, education, employment structure data


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    ICP Forest 147G


    Expermiental component




    National and International Projects conducted on / related to the site


    • Projects supported by EU: 5 FP CARBOMONT Effects of ..land-use..changes on..sources, sinks..and fluxes of..carbon in..Europea n ..mountain ..areas. EVK2-CT2001-00125.(2001 ? 2004) LIFE+ - ENVEUROPE - Environmental quality and pressures assessment across Europe: the LTER network as an integrated and shared system for ecosystem monitoring. LIFE08 ENV/IT/000399 (2009 ? 2013)
    • Grants of Ministry of Science Diversity of mycorrhizal fungi and ectomycorrhizas in the mature spruce stands under different levels of anthropopression. 6 P04H 00 320. (2002 - 2003). Elements cycling in anthropogenic Carpathian spruce stands in terms of their reconstruction and habitats degradation. 3 P06L 032 22. (2002 - 2005). Changes and threats of the selected elements of forest ecosystems during tree stand reconstruction in the Silesian Beskid - the Wolf Stream catchment case study. N N309 193037 (2009 ? 2012).
    • Projects ordered by Polish Ministry of Environment The analysis and assessment of effects of the implementation of the Polish Ecological Act relating to reduction in emission of SO2 and NOx in relation to biodiversity formation in forest ecosystems. (302/DN/2001). Assessment of effects of the implementation of the Polish Ecological Act relating to reduction of heavy metals emission on the basis of their accumulation in forest ecosystems with particular focus on the protected areas ? national parks. (307/DN/02). Environmental effect of reduction of air pollutants emission in the period 1994 ? 2004 on protected areas (305/DN/04).
    • Statutory projects Response of the spruce forests ecosystems to deposition of air pollutants. (137/DN/01). Changes in the biodiversity of forest ecosystems as an effect of implementation of the Polish Ecological Act regulations ? reduction of industrial emissions. (108/DNE3/2006).


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