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PAST EVENT: International Conference "Future of hydrogenic landscapes in European biosphere reserves", Urszulin, Poland, 5-7th May 2010

The conference will be organized to celebrate 20th anniversary of The Poleski National Park. It is addressed to stakeholders, researchers, decision makers of different levels, and all people interested in protection, conservation of hydrogenic landscapes in Europe, and their current status and threats.

The aims of the conference include:

      - Assessment of current status of hydrogenic landscapes in European biosphere reserves, and their transformations.

      - Overview of methods for active protection of hydrogenic landscapes and ecosystems and their efficiency.

      - Overview of facilitation methods that can be adopted for development of cooperation between decision makers, environmental service and local communities, and serve protection of cultural landscapes.

      - Synthesis of 20-year achievements of the Poleski National Park in conservation of hydrogenic landscapes and ecosystems of the West Polesie.

      - Development of international reserach platform focused on valuable hydrogenic landscapes of Europe.

      - Promotion of best practices in conservation and management of hydrogenic landscapes.

The organizers of the conference are: University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Polish Academy of Sciences and The Poleski National Park.


Contact address: biuro@poleskipn.pl

                        Poleski Park Narodowy

                        Lubelska 3a, 22-234 Urszulin, Poland

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