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PAST EVENT: 10th LTER-Europe Conference

The 10th LTER-Europe Annual Conference wil take place in Sophia, 3-7 December 2012. It will be organized as a joint initiative of LTER-Eu, and two projects Life+ EnvEurope project and EXPEER.


EnvEurope Meeting


EnvEurope project merged efforts of LTER-Europe community to harmonize methods, parameters and sites design towards excellence in long-term research, data management and dissemination.

During sessions on 3rd and 4th December you can learn more about EnvEurope advancements, activities and cross-site projects initiated under its umbrella.


We hope the projects will evolve into LTER network collaborative actions.


If you would like to learn more about EnvEurope please visit webpage: www.enveurope.eu


PRESENTATIONS on 6th October in the morning session

IF you have outstanding projects/results from one of your sites (with highly ranked publications) OR if you can report on initiatives for multi-site projects OR any other projects relying on LTER data legacies or other key strengths WE ENCOURAGE YOU to present on 6th October in the morning session (or bring researchers along to present)!

PLEASE, propose topics/speakers for this slot! It would be good to have a broad range of topics. As the morning session on Thursday will be a joint session with the RSG/EXPEER you might focus on outcomes from highly instrumented sites. DonĀ“t be shy!



One day of the conference will be devoted to the RELATED SITES GROUP MEETING of EXPEER project. We strongly encourage all conference participants to also attend the meeting and NNR to bring along scientific site co-ordinators of highly instrumented sites from your countries.

We will discuss and present key examples, how excellent sites can be multiply used in projects and networks, can form hubs for national in-situ network integration and can use this role for securing their position as key infrastructures and, consequently, their permanent operation.ring along scientific site co-ordinators of highly instrumented sites from your countries.

We can offer financial support for such site co-ordinators according to the rules of EXPEER for transnational access: (http://www.expeer.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=88&Itemid=218).

PLEASE contact ASAP Michael Mirtl (e-mail below) to communicate which persons from your country are interested and provide their email addresses and phone numbers! The selection will be done  based on a phone interview.



If you would like to learn more about EXPEER please visit webpage:www.expeeronline.eu


LTER Europe meeting

During the LTER Meeting we need to chose or confirm officers of LTER-Eu (leaders of expert pannels, chair and vice chair). You can send your nominations either directly to the chair of LTER-Eu ? Michael Mirtl or to the Secretariat.


We are also looking forward to see the posters presenting:
1) Your national networks
2) (Key) sites
3) Key projects/outcomes

Please send the information including the title and authors of the proposed posters to the Secretariat.



The registration for the conference must be done through the registration form and send to the Company for International Meetings (CIM) by e-mail cim@cim.bg or by fax +359 2 980 6074 before 26th November.

For logistic information please contact local organizer - Svetla Bratanova sbrat@abv.bg


For other information please contact:

EnvEurope: Alessandra Pugnetti                                     alessandra.pugnetti@ismar.cnr.it

RSG EXPEER: Michael Mirtl                                                michael.mirtl@umweltbundesamt.at

LTER-Eu, posters, presentations: Secretariat LTER  secretariat@ltereurope.net


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